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Offering complete integrated package

DurbanSolar offers home owners the ultimate complete green lifestyle. From our high tech range of home energy systems and vehicle charging solutions. DurbanSolar will get you off the grid with complete comfort.

Comprehensive Design

We offer our residential clients comprehensive and accurate proposals for Solar and Battery systems. Clients understanding their efficiency, potential savings and investment returns.


Quality Installations

We install our residential systems with the highest levels of performance, quality and safety. We understand your home requires a safe, effective and neat system to benefit your family.


Support Services

We pride our self in our service levels. Our clients invest in us and we remain invested after all installations. Its our duty as a leading service provider to stand by our products and services.


Our Brands

Our Brands
Lithium Ion

Dyness Powerbox

Lithium Battery



Goodwe HVS

Inverter Battery

Powerwall 2

Solar Power

Solar PV energy generation is achieved through high-quality solar panels converting sun irradiance into direct current. Solar generation is based on weather conditions.

Energy Storage

A solar backup battery stores any unused solar power generated by your solar PV system for access at a later time. Should your home or business experience a power outage, you’ll still have power.

Eskom Independence

Load Shedding is only part of the proble. Solar backup batteries can help your solar PV system produce and store enough power for your home or business for the entire year, reducing your need to depend on the grid for electricity.

Reduce Billings

Solar backup batteries help you save money on electricity by maximizing your ability to use the electricity produced by your solar PV system on a day-to-day basis. Working together, your solar battery and solar PV system optimize energy production, instead of needing to pull electricity from the grid should you use more electricity than produced by your panels.





Satisfied clients are our goal.


Clients are

Off Grid

Powered from the Sun alone.




We never let our clients down.

Pricing Guide

  • Small Homes

  • 130k R
    • 5 kWP Solar PV
    • Hybrid Inverter
    • 5 kWh Lithium Battery
    • Installed and Registered
    • Outstanding Support
  • Tesla Powerwall 2

  • 170k R
    • Tesla Powerwall 2.0
    • Tesla Gateway 2.0
    • Installed with COC
    • Outstanding Support
  • Large Home

  • 220k R
    • 10 kWP Solar PV
    • Hybrid Inverter
    • 10 kWh Lithium Battery
    • Installed and Registered
    • Outstanding Support