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DurbanSolar provides flexible financing solutions for the implementation of solar PV projects, we assist clients in funding their sustainable energy systems with minimal CAPEX outlay and achieve a positive cash flow from day one.
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DurbanSolar would build, own, and operate the Solar PV plant to supply electricity at a discounted price compared to the municipal rates. We would supply electricity at a pre-determined price for a fixed term of between 10 – 25 years. Billed at monthly intervals, based purely on the amount of energy the business consumed from the Solar system.<br /> Normal escalation of rate would be annual and at a lower rate than the state utility.


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EGA Rental Agreement

Building owners can be assisted with additional revenue from areas excluded from lease costs, turning non revenue areas into money earning assests. DurbanSolar assist financing through a roof rental agreement. For this type of agreement, DurbanSolar would rent the roof space for the contractual period. We then agree on a PPA solution with the building tenant.</p> <p>Benefits to clients:</p> <p>Monetize previously underutilized roof space<br /> Operations & Maintenance of the solar system at no additional costs<br /> No risk associated with the volume of solar energy produced and consumed


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Lease To Own

We offer clients comprehensive Lease to Own Solar PV systems. DurbanSolar would enter into an O&M agreement with the client for a 3 to 5 year period with the effective transfer of the system occuring. The investor would purchase renewable energy from DurbanSolar monthly and effectively repay the investment costs. Our only requirement from our clients is an initiation deposit and trust.

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Solar is an Investment

The idea of locking in your fixed electrical costs for the decades to come is an investment in your business. Speak to DurbanSolar team to discuss your options and emabrking on the journey to sustainable energy.
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Reasons to be Sustainable




Attract tenants with a sustainable property portfolio. Tenants benefit from being more Green and Carbon Neutral.


Feedback to


Feeding back excess power to the Grid can generate revenue to offset your Property Rates.


Control your

Own Power

Solar and BESS can reduce your downtime during load shedding and prevent loss of revenue. Secure your own Power plant today.

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